My name is Bill Bohart. I grew up in Alexandria, KY. My wife Jennifer grew up in Highland Heights, we married in 2011 and we have 3 children. I was a skeptic until 1997 when I observed an apparition in my parents house as I was walking up the stairs. I knew what I had seen, but didn’t really believe it. The next morning my grandmother had stated she saw something weird the night before and described it. She described the same apparition. Ever since then I have been interested in the paranormal and the activity that surrounds us. We have conducted many investigations of activity in the house I was living in from noises, doors opening, footsteps and EVP's. We have investigated several friends houses as well as a couple of firehouses in NKY that I worked at. After a recent investigation at Benton Farm in Walton, KY with my wife and friends we decided it was time to start our own team. Jen and I are excited to be starting this team as husband and wife and are even more excited to have our 3 children helping us out. Evan and Tyler are Technicians/Investigators in Training and Abby will be our Researcher in Training. We are a family that loves to help others in need and feel we have the experience, professionalism and compassion to help others.